Trying to test Javascript to results database

May 21, 2014

First time poster!  I just started using Storyline on a mac via VMware fusion running Windows 7.  My predecessor left everything in his password locked user account on the work Mac (I've tried everything to get in through various backdoors to no avail) and so basically I've had to completely reinstall everything.  I am trying to reverse engineer his footsteps to setting up the current database to report results from the eLearning courses that he developed in  he hopes of using the same system with my first course (finished except for this piece).  

He's using this javascript on a trigger on the results slide to send the results to our intranet (using share point, no LMS…yet!)

var player=GetPlayer();

var first=player.GetVar("FirstName");

var last=player.GetVar("LastName");

var empno=player.GetVar("EmployeeID");

var course=player.GetVar("CourseName");

var score=player.GetVar("score");

var hours=player.GetVar("Hours");

ocumentProperties> 0 0 1 87 497 Goodwill Central Texas 4 1 583 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE''+first+'&last='+last+'&empno='+empno+'&course='+course+'&score='+score+'&hours='+hours, '_top');


So, first I had to realize that he had set a variable 'score' to equal the results.scorepercent because our web mistress had sent me the original javacript that had the results.scorepercent variable, while he created a separate one labeled score (from a post of his on here! I realized that the percent score would not send, not sure why).  So now, fingers crossed, my variables match up with the java script (I'm using a storyline file from him to compare).


He also sent a cryptic email mentioning the need to completely uninstall Storyline because the way the virtual machine was saving shared files was causing a problem.


So my main question is this: when I publish the story, should I be able to test the javascript from the html preview?  If so, then it is not sending.  

I'm really, really hoping that I do not have to do the uninstall thing because I could spend about a half hour grousing about what I had to do to get Storyline up and running again after the way he left everything.  Any help or insight would be much appreciated! 

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