Uploading a Scorm Object to D2L/Brightspace

I have created a lesson through Storyline 360 and exported it as SCORM for the Desire to Learn LMS. When I upload it, everything is fine and it works great. The problem I am having is that it is not recording a score into the grade book.

It is important that the learners who complete this course receive credit for it. Can anyone provide me some direction on what I can do to get the score from the Knowledge assessment in articulate to Brightspace?

Thank you,



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Crystal Horn

Hi Veronica.  I'll defer to the community for experience with the D2L gradebook.

But from an Articulate perspective, you can double-check that your course is indeed sending that information by uploading it to SCORM Cloud.  We like to use that platform for testing LMS issues to rule out any changes that the course itself would need.

Graeme Coetzer

I'm having the same problem with storyline modules developed for a course that is delivered to students via BrightSpace - the quizzes and link with the gradebook doesn't work - this prevent us from using the modules because we can only provide credit if we have record of completion and an associated quiz grade

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Graeme,

When we run into LMS quiz scoring issues like this, I always like to test the output in another environment to be sure Storyline is sending the quiz score correctly.

SCORM Cloud is the perfect tool for this kind of testing. It's industry-standard, and it's free to use. 

If you'd like some help, we'd be happy to test the output in SCORM Cloud for you. You can upload your file privately to our support team here, and we'll do the rest!

Sam Hernandez

Did anyone figure this out? I'm having the same issue. I just need it to report whether or not it was completed. I set it to create a grade book item when I uploaded it, and set it to record the last attempt for the grade calculation method in D2L.

I've played with the publish reporting options in Storyline360 from complete/incomplete to pass/fail and also the tracking options from using a course complete trigger to tracking the number of slides viewed...and nothing. None of this is transferred to the grade book. 

D2L will recognize that it was attempted or completed within the content page showing "1 of 2 topics complete", but that doesn't show in the grade book.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sam,

It looks like we have not heard back from the users above, so I don't have an update to pass along, but I'd be happy to help you out.

I'm not familiar with the grade book feature on D2L. Are you seeing a grade when you complete the course?

Have you been able to double-check how your course is working in another LMS by uploading it to SCORM Cloud? This is a great tool to use to help identify if the issue lies within the LMS or the project.

If you are able to replicate and/or need our team to take a look, please upload your .story file privately here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is completed.

Sam Hernandez

Thanks, Leslie! I just uploaded my file for your review.

In the D2l content page, I'm logged in as a student, when I click the module link and complete it the topic status is updated and shows as complete. i.e. 1 of 3 topics complete

When I move to the D2L grades page, it shows the points as zero and the grade as E (D2Ls version of an F).

I uploaded to SCORM Cloud, and completed it twice using different emails, and it show zero in the completion section. I'm not too familiar with SCORM Cloud, but I'm assuming this is not registering the way I need it to.

Sam Hernandez

We figured it out! My module didn't require a results slide because it was built to allow unlimited attempts for each activity. This forces our learners to get it correct before moving forward, and also allows for automatic grading which ends up in a hypothetical 100% for the learner by the end of the module.

The D2L grade book doesn't process complete/incomplete for SCORM packages - it defaults to a numeric score which is where the disconnect was happening. I had to insert a results slide and attach the last activity to it so it would generate the 100% (completion) that I needed transferred to the grade book. 

Jeanne Miller

Sam, I have been trying to resolve this issue for a very long time. Can you explain what you mean by inserting a results slide? My module is pretty complex and has engage content, .mp4 videos, quizmaker, text slides, illustrated/animated examples, etc. The last slide of the presentation is always a summary slide. How would I insert a results slide and attach that last summary slide to it so that completion shows up in the grade book and not just on the completion summary tab?