Web Object Set Player Variable Cross Domain

Sep 30, 2014


My content is served to students on ASPX pages in our proprietary eLearning system. I host my SCORM content in the cloud and use scripting to integrate it with my LMS, which is hosted on a different domain. In Storyline, I want to embed an ASPX Web object by linking to it on a different domain (LMS domain versus the cloud "content" domain). 

I have set up a True/False variable in Storyline and added this to my Web object: 


function notifyPlayer() {

var player=parent.GetPlayer();




<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="notifyPlayer();">Link Text</a>

I am getting cross domain errors trying to pass the variable update from the Web object to the player. Any ideas on workarounds for this? 

I appreciate your time and assistance.

Thank you,

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