Zoom Region Pixelation

Nov 21, 2012

Is there a way to zoom an image without the zoomed in view being pixelated? For example, I insert a large high resolution image of an office floor layout showing different offices, desks, chairs for the whole floor of a building. The image itself is much larger than SL stage so it is automatically shrunk to fit (which is OK because I want to see the whole floor layout). I then zoom in on a specific office but SL seems to be using the reduced size of the original PNG so when the zoom happens the image pixelates. The original image has enough image detail to to have the region zoomed to full screen and still be at least 72dpi. I want the zoomed in image to be crystal clear.

Anybody know a way around this?

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Brett Rockwood

Just so I understand... I should insert a full size image, drag it off the stage and make sure it is scaled to 100%. Then I should copy and paste that image and resize it to fit the stage. Then when I zoon on a small section of that resized image on the stage it will zoom using the full sized image that is off screen?

Kris N

I just wanted to add that the suggest 'best practice' does not seem to work. The linked articles [SL2 | SL360] suggest either WMF or EMF. I've attached a sample of both, neither seem to maintain anything closely resembling vector. 

I turned to this, because the original PNG image was getting artifacting (pixelation); Although, this actually was better than the 'best practices' approach.

Further, the suggestion to use jpg/jpeg because it's better than .png doesn't seem to hold true (well, not anymore -- perhaps it did, 5 years ago).

If Steve's "hack" / workaround ever worked - they've changed something in the underlying code in the past 5 years, because this doesn't work either. 

Does anybody have any thoughts / work-around on this issue?

Thanks! :)