Being creative while still remaining accessible

Jun 13, 2018

Hi all... lately, I've been experiencing something like writer's block, except with e-learning. Some context- I work for a government agency and get a lot of boring, dry PowerPoint content that I'm expected to transform into engaging, interactive content. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a problem, but over the past year, my agency has begun enforcing accessibility guidelines for all of our online content, which includes e-learning. This means that all courses now have to be accessible for both visually impaired and hearing impaired learners. I'm glad these guidelines are now being followed, but creatively, this has become a bit of roadblock for me. Any interactions that rely solely on mouse movements and clicks (hotspots, drag and drop, sliders) will not work for someone who is visually impaired, since they can only use screen readers/keyboard controls to navigate courses. Graphics and tables are also problematic, since they are not always easy to communicate in words.

So far, my solutions have been using a lot of buttons, layers, multiple choice and true/false questions. I can't seem to figure out other creative ways to present content while still remaining accessible for all. Has anyone else had this experience? How did you handle it? Are there solutions I'm not thinking of? Any advice is much appreciated!

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