eLearning Art

Mar 18, 2015


I am just wondering if anyone has any experience using www.elearningart.com. The website appears to have a lot of useful backgrounds, character packs, and templates. It appears to be rather affordable too. I just wonder what the quality and usability of the images is like. 

Any thoughts?



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Lisa Smyser

Hi Ian,

I am a subscriber to eLearning Art, and I have been very happy with the characters and backgrounds. I'd like to see more stock images available, but I'm very happy with the characters. The only complaint I have is that the site is very slow and not super user friendly. For example, you can't download more than one item/pose at a time. So you can't choose a group of poses for a single character and download them together. I think some of that may be by design because they don't want everyone to just download things for the sake of downloading. It's a little painful (and time consuming), so you really have to want it. I still think it's worth the cost, but I wish they could work out the performance a bit.