eLearning Authoring Guide?

Our team has a solidified Visual Style Guide (VSG), Animation Style Guide (ASG) and Editorial Style Guide (ESG) for authoring our standard eLearning product.  However, we're finding that there is much overlap between the three areas.

Consider the example of a topic/slide title, you would look at the ESG to determine the grammatical and writing guidelines when authoring this text.  You would look to the VSG to determine what colors, font, etc... that this text must be displayed in online. Finally, you would look to the ASG to find out which animations are permitted, included timing and speed.

We have come to the realization that we need an over-arching Authoring Style Guide, and the ability to pull the child style guide elements from it.

I was wondering if anyone out there has any tool/technology suggestions for pulling this out, understanding that the ultimate goal is both modularity, flow, and accessibility (would love the ability for our team to get this on their mobile devices).

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