Free rolling dice interaction

May 24, 2021

Hi everyone,

At the moment I'm busy with the production of an interactive board-game. One of the main elements for this game is a rolling dice interaction. After developing this interaction, I thought these rolling dices might be helpful to other Storyline users.

You can see the interaction via this link;

and download the story file here;

I hope that this is helpful to you.



You can also use this interaction as a kind of rollingQuestion Game. Below are the links. Enjoy ;)

Here you can see it in action;

or download the source file below;



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Stephanie Frisbey-Roll

I was just coming to ask for help on a dice rolling game I was trying to create!  Talk about luck!  My only issue with these interactions is that I don't want numbers that have previously been rolled to be used again.  In my interaction, I have 6 questions and the user must roll a number to get the question but it took one tester 19 rolls to get the last question and I want to prevent that, as it gets very frustrating to keep rolling to no avail.  Is that at all possible?  Any help you can provide or even an alternative option would be greatly appreciated!