Has Gamification Seens Its Day?

Sep 19, 2017

I write this headline because I want to hear from others whether they feel gamification has come and gone and if so, why they feel that way.

I, personally, am heavy into gamification for adult learners and my clients love the results they see with increased productivity and higher retention in learning, with measurable results.

The trendiness of gamification might have lost its luster, but I also feel IMO that management, as a whole, does not see enough benefits in using the gaming approach to train the new workforce generation; as well as the older generation. They still see it as a fad and too costly, as opposed to traditional training (be it ILT or online).

I've also noticed over time the term gamification on elearning heroes isn't as prevalent as it once was. Does this translate to real world training and its possible fate? Maybe once gamification is no longer a buzz word, then it will be given a chance.

There are great examples on this site too and I would love to see what others are doing in the adult learning arena.

I would love to hear others opinions and possible suggestions!

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