New e-Learning Technology: Personal Narrator Lets Learners Set the Pace and Choose the Topics

May 10, 2016

i-Narration in e-Learning

Imagine having your own personal narrator in an e-learning course that will explain the material at a pace that is comfortable for you, skip material you already know and explain difficult parts as many times as you need.

Good news: New e-learning technology that uses Storyline lets course developers add a personal narrator to their e-learning courses today. We call it interactive narration or "i-Narration". i-Narration empowers the individual learner by giving them control over the pace of the narration and the order of topics - turning passive e-learning into active e-learning with better understanding and retention.

So you can see what I am talking about, I have included a sample Storyline course which includes i-Narration:

Interactive Narration in e-Learning

The first slide is a short intro which plays by itself and then from the second slide the user plays the narration interactively with the narration control bar at the bottom of the screen.

The course itself discusses the pros and cons of narration in e-learning, which are the background for the new i-Narration technology, and also shows how it applies to different kinds of e-learning topics.

The voices you hear are Acapela TTS Rod and Tracy modulated with Speech-Over but the whole thing could have been done with real voices as well.

Course developers can implement i-Narration in their courses with Articulate Storyline and Speech-Over using the developer resources that we provide, including a Storyline template for interactive narration.

Learn more and access developer resources.

Joel Harband, Tuval Software Industries (developers of Speech-Over)

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