non-branded Social Media code of conduct trainings

May 17, 2021

Hello everyone!

I was recently asked about a Social Media Compliance or Code of Conduct training for our employees. But this time: we don't want to produce it ourselves. I was confident to find some cool web-based training somewhere on the internet as it is such a current topic - but I was proved wrong. There are loads of papers, articles and f2f trainings on the topic as well as social media marketing trainings BUT not one wbt to be found.

After the training, participants should

  • know that their actions on social media may be connected to their company
  • know consequences from misbehaviour on social media platforms - for them and their company
  • know their responsibilty
  • can distinguish between "meant" and "interpreted" content

Does anybody know of a non-branded, common sense social media compliance training (preferably in German and as scorm file) or has ideas where to look and whom to ask? 

Many thanks in advance!

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