Opportunity - but tight timescale for submission...

Feb 27, 2013


I am posting this on behalf of LearnCreate - in my new role there as "Chief Evangelist and Crowd Control".

We just got word from a potential client that there might be an opportunity to develop several courses for them. The good news is that this could turn into repeat business at an above average fee, which is something we pride ourselves in providing consistently.

Now for the “less-good” news.

I’m sure you noticed that I used the words “potential” and “might”, so I just want to make it clear upfront that LearnCreate does not have a contract for this business yet. We usually only solicit samples if we have a contract and know that several people will get some business, so this is an exception.

Less-good news part 2- I need three to five sample screens by Monday, March 4th.

If you’re okay with the time constraint and are willing to put in a little pre-sales effort to win the business, it could be well worth your while.

I’ve attached the storyboard sample for your review. If you decide to submit, please feel free to make your sample as large or small as you’d like. Please send the sample file or link directly to me.

Thanks in advance


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