Rise 360 use the Quiz block as an 'I Acknowledge'

Hi all, just wanted to share a different way of using the Quiz block in Rise for where there is no quiz required but the user needs to click an option where they agree/acknowledge with the provided information and then have this tracked in the LMS and completed from the learning history. I basically created a new set of labels in the configuration section and changed all references to a Quiz. Check it out here  link. Cheers Gerry

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Jennifer Wadsworth

Gerry, I need this exact thing -- an acknowledgement that the training has been taken, the employee agrees to follow the policy, etc. I see your example and love it. Could you tell me exactly how you got that to work? This would be a great quiz block to add to Rise 360 as companies use this kind of thing quite often on a yearly basis.

Gerry McAteer

Hi Melinda, I also use a single tick acknowledgement for where a person has to read an external pdf and then is to required to acknowledged that they have read it. I basically use a single list checkbox block for the I acknowledge which has a conditional continue button block after it. I also use the SCORM 1.2 Track using course completion to mark as complete in our LMS. Here is an example.  Hope this method can be of help to you :)

cheers Gerry