Review 360 Stuck - This item is still processing and will be shown here automatically when ready.

Jun 14, 2021

Hello-I published a Storyline 360 course to Review 360, tested it on Friday, 6.11.21 and it was working. It is now stuck with the message "This item is still processing and will be shown here automatically when ready." I do not see an error message that the site is down. My stakeholders are reviewing today. Here's the link:

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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Jen!

I apologize that Review 360 is not working for you today.

I tested this on my end and was able to publish a course to Review 360 and view it (in updated Chrome browser). We do not have an outage reported with Review 360; you can check the status here

  • Are you experiencing this issue with one specific or multiple files?
  • What browser are you using to view the course in Review 360, or is this happening in several browsers?

If this issue happens with one particular file, you can share it with us in a case so we can troubleshoot further. 

Dave Heckert

Was this issue ever resolved? Is the a fix? If I publish the course to as a new course (or manually upload), it works. When try to overwrite with a new version, I receive the message. The new course could work as a solution but I already have 75 client comments in the first one. Asking them to compare the two versions does not make Storyline or me look very good.

Joe Tansengco

Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear that you encountered a similar issue. 

Not all causes of the behavior are the same, so we need to investigate a little bit to identify the fix for each project file that encounters the issue. I opened a case on your behalf, and our support team will be reaching out shortly to help with your project file.