Articulate Rise: Hiding the Page Title Area

Jun 09, 2017

Hi all,

I would like to hide the page title areas on my Articulate Rise pages. I found this 3 minute video on the web that explains exactly what I want, but he is modifying his HTML and CSS on his local computer. I think some folks will agree that his pages look more streamlined without the title area (for some projects).

I understand the basic concepts, but my file structures look different. (I would really be great if there were a feature in settings that allowed me to hide the title areas with a check block:).

Can someone help me out, please.

As always, thanks in advance to all the kind folks who help out.


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Adam Schwartz

Hey Jeff - can you give us some context when you'd want to hide the lesson title? In our testing, it gives the learner some much-needed context about what they are learning. Also, keep in mind that on some devices like phones or tablets (in portrait) the learner won't see the sidebar navigation open with the lesson titles. 

Jeffrey Hatmaker

Thanks for the quick reply, Adam. I do tutorials for aircraft technicians that are often demonstrations of procedures or processes. I'm developing one now that demonstrates the procedures for building an aircraft connector (i.e., choosing the correct crimping tool, configuring the crimper, etc.). They are more or less a series of videos that are organized in sections by Rise's awesome menu. There will also be quizzes along the way. If you have ever watched any videos on you will get the picture.

The link to the video in my last post does a good job of explaining the need to remove the title area in some cases. I think you may agree if you watch the first 30 seconds or so.

I certainly have other options, but I love Rise's ability to be responsive to all devices and it's attractive interface.

Thanks again for the prompt reply.

Jeffrey Hatmaker

I appreciate your input, Adam.

I'm not criticizing Rise. But in the case of a video based training (like software for example), the title area is so deep that the learner must scroll to see the video. In some cases, it would be helpful to at least have a more compact title area. I would use Storyline, but I am unable to get it to be responsive across a wide range of devices (something that Rise does spectacularly).

Not every project requires strict adherence to e-learning science and protocol. Sometimes a simple video explanation is the best training tool (think YouTube). Rise provides an excellent 'container' for videos with a menu that organizes everything very nicely. And most importantly it is RESPONSIVE. In some cases, making the title area more compact would create a more attractive and user-friendly interface for the learner. I can tell from your response that your not convinced, but I do appreciate your prompt and candid reply.

Alain Dumais

Interesting solution Adam. :-)

But how can I to modify (access) the CSS style sheet? The rise projects are is online, not in a file in my computer.

(and when I download my Rise projects, they are not in a standard html/css/js code; I'm not really able to edit it in Dreamweaver)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert and Christopher, 

Have you seen the latest feature for Rise where you may disable or collapse the sidebar menu at start? Take a look at Adam's example here. 

If you chose to have No sidebar that would remove the Table of Contents that appear below start and allow the user to click on the Start button to begin. 

Christopher Lawrence

Hi there. While removing the side bar is a great feature, it's not what I was referring to. If you look at the start of this thread the user shows a video that teaches you to alter the CSS to remove the titles so the learner content is right at the top. I edited the CSS and  used text over images on the top leading into the content. It looks so much better! While this might not be for everyone, I think it's a good feature to add so people who aren't familiar with HTML/CSS aren't locked into one look.

College Trainer

Also, it would be helpful to be able to have a subtitle option available ie. the option to switch on a minor heading/title under the header. I am developing courses that are linked ie. they have a common title (H1) and it would be good to be able to seperate them via a subheading title (H2).

For example,


Jeffrey Hatmaker

I made the original post and I'm glad to see some interest in this feature. In my opinion, if a course is properly developed, it is generally unnecessary to display title after title to keep the student oriented (the context of the lesson should keep the student from getting lost). But, based on Adam's original reply to this thread, his research says otherwise.

Crystal Horn

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that since this discussion has picked up some traction, I'm documenting the need and your points regarding the course title bar.  We'll be able to track this feature request and properly prioritize it.

Here's more on that process.  Thanks for sharing all your thoughts!

Christopher Policastro

I am not certain, but I think I may have the same issue. Sometimes the title/header area is tall, and I have to scroll down to see the block content. It has something to do with the difference in the way a process section differs from a block section. Please see the screenshots in the attachment. They may help understand.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the document with images. 

Sounds like you're interested in having more options regarding the padding and margins around your lessons. This is a feature we are tracking as well, so I've added this thread to the report.

As for your mention of having the word 'task' vs 'lesson', you can certainly do that by adjusting your text labels. Check out the documentation here. Please be sure to Click New to create a new label set or all of your courses will get updated with your edits :)

Laurie Barnett

I want to weigh in on being able to hide or scroll the title bar/header off the screen so it doesn't use valuable (phone) screen real estate.  Something similar to the way you scroll down a web page and the URL bar disappears would work. It's technically always there; you just have to scroll back up to view it again. It would also be nice if the Articulate Review title bar would also scroll up or otherwise disappear so you can really see a Rise course the way the learner will when you test it. My two cents!

Cass Netzley
Samantha Gerard

I'm also interested in being able to remove, minimize, or even just slightly shrink the page title area.  

Exactly what my content dev team creating and instructors testing Rise courses were asking if Rise was capable of in recent meetings. 

There's lots of unused white space up there, especially visible and taking up screen (scrolling) real-estate on some devices when in vertical format. Would be awesome to negate or have the option to remove the title area altogether as the OP requested w/o the need for a CSS hack.

+1 for this request.