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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jesse!

Rise 360 gives media files a unique identifier in the name, which is required for locating the file at runtime. However, some of those file names look uncharacteristically long.

Do your original file names contain characters outside of the English alphabet, numbers, or dashes (-)? 

For example, do they contain accented characters or other symbols? These could cause longer file names. 

Joe DiDonato


Could you clarify your response?  We're having a similar problem with 3 of our customers.  We do not include any non-English characters or symbols in our original files.  Once we've checked that, and the files names are still too long, what can we do?  Several customers are asking us for a string that's less than 75 characters, and it looks like the file name you're assigning is already 70 characters.  What have others done?

Crystal Horn

Hi, Joe. Could we have a closer look at your output? You can share it with us privately here, and we'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting.

In my output, I'm seeing around 16 characters being added to .jpg and .mp4 files, for example. I want to make sure we understand what type of assets of yours are getting encoded with additional characters, and if we have an issue we can reproduce and fix!

Joe DiDonato

Here you go. Attached.

Warm regards,

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Joe DiDonato

Attached.  Also 

Here is an example:


That is 131 characters. The bold part is 75 characters for perspective.  75 characters is what we're asking to stay under to use their in-house platform.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for that list, Joe! Those file names do look unusually long. It looks like you pulled that list from the lmsmanifest.xml file.

If you don't mind, you can privately share the entire zipped output from Rise 360 with us here so we can have a closer look. It would also be helpful to share an original asset file, like the customer centric value hypothesis file you highlighted. Reference this discussion to keep everything together -- We'll be happy to help!