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Sep 01, 2020

Hi there

Please can someone provide some advice. My team are new to Rise. We currently use Articulate Storyline 3, 2 and Studio. 

When publishing a Rise course to SCORM 1.2 it creates a zip folder, however, with each re-publish of the same course (for fixes, additions, etc) the identifier for the course changes. Our LMS is hugely reliant on this ID being the same for tracking and reporting purposes. 

Would it work if we unzip the folder, update the identifier in the manifest.xml, then rezip the folder and publish on our LMS? This does seem like a rather manual and long away around. I can't see anywhere in Rise itself where you can specify what the ID should be like you can do in Storyline? 

Kind regards

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Alyssa Whale

Hi Lisa.

We actually did some further investigation with our LMS vendor and they didn't have a problem with us having the ID change each time the SCORM was published. 

Not sure about the gray screen you are getting...

We store our SCORMs in a library on the LMS and then link through to the SCORM from a course. Since the ID changes, we've had to delete the link from the course and then re-link it. Normally when the ID doesn't change you can just update in the library and it would automatically be updated in the course.

Lisa Smyser

Thanks for the follow up Alyssa. It appears that if we upload the edited SCORM file, those who have already completed the course see just a gray screen in place of the course, but their completion remains in tact. Anyone who hadn't completed the course can see and take the course just fine. We didn't change anything about the file name, etc on purpose to maintain completion data, so our best deduction is that the SCORM ID has an impact. This is a Moodle-based system. We're still testing but so far this is the only logical explanation.

Paul Tottle

This is the lesson I learnt today. Maybe this is the same or similar problem and I found a fix...

If I copy a course in Rise and then do edits and upload the copy to LMS I get a blank screen.

If I backup the original, do the edits on the original and upload the original Rise course, all is okay.

I also record the original identifier, then edit the new imsmanifest.xml file in the zip each time to use the same identifier. As an extra precaution.

Nicole Wendler

Hi Paul, 

I seem to have the same issue. I also copied a course in Rise, made edits and tried to update the SCORM file exported from the original Rise course that was stored in the LMS so far with another SCORM file exported from the copied Rise course. Now I have exactly the issue that the screen is blank for everyone who's completed or is in progress of the course. 

Do I understand correctly that manually replacing the identifier of the SCORM exported from the copied course by the identifier of the original file will fix this? 



Paul Tottle

Nicole, I'd test it out. I didn't test each option. I did both. Copying over the identifier is super quick once you get the hand of it. I use 7Zip to edit the imsmanifest.xml files and copy the original identifier (from the version that works), then paste into the current version I'm about to upload. It's worth a try.

<manifest identifier="xxx" version="1"

I save the original identifier for a course in a text file with my SCORMs so it's ready for next time.

Crystal Horn

Hi Nicole, For your new course version, please use this setting to reset learner progress, export the content again, and make sure the identifier is the same as the original course identifier in your lmsmanifest.xml file (since this is a copy of the original course). After making these changes and uploading the new output, learners should start from the beginning of the course when launching it.

I hope that helps!