Cursor jumping

Aug 10, 2017

Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone else has experienced their cursor "jumping" when using Rise?  I've been having an issue where I'll be typing and the cursor will suddenly jump to another position in the text or another section.


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Grant Shuler

I too experienced this cursor jumping issue, but this morning, while working on my Rise project, I noticed it WASN'T happening anymore!! - Hop on the Rise Version History Page and see the update that this has indeed been resolved! A HUGE Thank You to the coders working on the back end to get that resolved quickly!

....Eagerly awaiting Rise review capabilities and a way to export Rise Projects to Word (In a way that expands/reveals all of your hidden interaction block elements, I know making that happen would be pretty tricky - fingers crossed!)

Jenn Bedlington

After the last Articulate update, I am having exactly the same problem in Rise as reported above:  random jumping of the cursor mostly to the beginning of the block, so out of the text to the beginning of the heading, but occasionally to the end of the block or another block.  At times, there is a considerable delay in showing the text, and sometimes, the text disappears into oblivion after showing it.

It is happening only in Rise and not in other applications.  I'm using Articulate 360 and Chrome as a browser, both updated to the latest version.

I'll try the trick of switching to Preview and back when it next happens, but it is slowing me down as well as being excruciatingly annoying!

Jeffrey Davis

Adding a "me too" here....I guess this is still an issue 4 years later.  I'm inclined to believe it's dependent on network. I'm East Coast, probably updating a file on a server on the West Coast. Alot of real-estate, weather, and network nodes in between.  But I agree; it's very frustrating, especially if you need to turn an edit or update around in a tight time frame, to have to retype the same thing 3 times to get it to stick. Or what I've been doing, which is type two words....count to five....type two more words...count to five....  I'm on a later version of FireFox and Catalina, so it's not browser or OS.

Lea Agato

Hi Nicolas, we did provide a fix for this issue a while back, but it sounds like you're seeing a similar problem. Would you mind creating a screen recording of the issue? You can share it with us privately using this form.  We'll get in touch with you directly and help you troubleshoot this issue. Thanks!



Marcus Heyeckhaus

I got the same issue here. What I find interesting is that I never experienced this before but working on a course today my cursor jumps almost every 10 - 30 seconds to the beginning of the block. Also, text that was written before the "jump" gets lost. Today, building a course almost takes at least 5 times longer than usual.

I´m working on a Windows 10 PC using Microsoft Edge Version 104.0.1293.63. I also tried Firefox 103.0.2, which did not show any different results.


Jeffrey Davis

I still think it's because it's a cloud-based solution. Everything you do has to update on a server before it sticks.  I'm no network expert by any definition, but I think sometime packets "bounce back" in less-than-ideal conditions, so the change you make on your screen "un-does" itself when this happens. Very frustrating, but probably really hard to solve.

Angelo Cruz

Hi Lindsey! I'm sorry to hear you've been having some difficulties with your Rise 360 course.

Does the issue occur with a specific block or interaction? Would you be able to record a short screen recording of the issue and share it with our team using this case form?

Our support engineers will reach out to you directly and help troubleshoot the issue.

Annie Messmer

It looks like I am having a problem that hasn't been an issue in over 5 years. I can be in the middle of a sentence, and then the cursor moves to the beginning of the sentence, bringing the second part of the sentence with it. Or an entire line or phrase I have just typed disappears and maybe then re-appears in a different part of the sentence. I am having to fix things 2-3 times now and it's getting frustrating. Lines are also disappearing when I publish a version for review, which makes it look like I leave things incomplete. 

This started happening about 2 weeks ago, but it is VERY frustrating today.  See the screenshot below that just happened. The part at the beginning jumped from the end as I was typing.