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Mike Olivieri

This issue has been resolved. You just need to refresh any open browser tabs and the cursor will be back under your control.

We're so sorry for the inconvenience this caused. Thanks for your patience and help in diagnosing the issue. If you're still seeing problems, let us know and we'll jump on it.

Grant Shuler

I too experienced this cursor jumping issue, but this morning, while working on my Rise project, I noticed it WASN'T happening anymore!! - Hop on the Rise Version History Page and see the update that this has indeed been resolved! A HUGE Thank You to the coders working on the back end to get that resolved quickly!

....Eagerly awaiting Rise review capabilities and a way to export Rise Projects to Word (In a way that expands/reveals all of your hidden interaction block elements, I know making that happen would be pretty tricky - fingers crossed!)