Custom font errors - diacritic marks (Vietnamese) not showing up in the correct font

Aug 30, 2018

Hi all,

I've been testing the new custom fonts feature in Rise in anticipation of translating our content. (Our priorities are Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian.)

Installing Open Sans as a Custom font, Vietnamese text is showing incorrectly in Rise. Many of the character are displaying in a smaller serif font rather than in our selected Custom font:

For comparison, using the same typeface in another program (Word), every character displays as it should:

I've tested with a number of typefaces, and the same characters always appear as the same smaller, serif font. This example is using the Google font Kanit:

Is there a reason why many of the characters used in non-English text are reverting to a standard serif font? This makes Rise  practically unusable for translated text at this stage.

Are there any workarounds? Why is this problem ocurring?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Aukalen. We're looking into how we can help make characters and custom fonts look great in your Rise 360 courses.

Web fonts have variations in them, and you may see your text use the default font for characters that aren't included in the custom font being used. With that in mind, check out this community solution. Let me know how that works for you!

We're also happy to have a closer look at your web font file and how it appears in your course. You can share that information privately with us here.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Aukalen! I was replying to Ashley's question, but you received a notification because you're still subscribed to this discussion. You can unsubscribe by clicking this link to open the discussion, then clicking the Subscribed button at the top of the page. 

Hi there, Ashley! I'm sorry to hear those steps didn't work for you. I'm going to open a case to put you in touch with our Support Engineers. You'll hear from the team soon!

Aukalen M


What I meant was that if you see my previous reply, you would have realised that the solution you propose doesn't work.

Ashley is asking about the same thing the OP asked and the same thing I responded too.  I know I can unsubscribe but don't want to do that I as I am still waiting for a resolution on this issue.


Ashley Hill

Hi Aukalen,

I have finally found a font that works. I came across a Google font called 'Be Vietnam' a few days ago. I've added it into my Rise course as a custom font and the diacritic marks are finally displaying correctly.

You can find the font here: 

I'd still prefer to be able to use Open Sans but until Articulate get around to fixing this issue across their standard fonts, this is a workable solution for me.