Expand/Collapse Sections in Rise

Aug 16, 2017

Hi everyone, is there a way I can expand and collapse the content of a section in Rise?

I have 15 sections with 5 lessons in each so my course has approximately 75 line items in the course preview screen. 

If there is a way to collapse the sections I could reduce that greatly and make for a better user experience. 

Thanks in advance!

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Cass Netzley

This is an often requested feature by our team and learners for being able to cull through lengthy courses (20+ 'chapters', 5 - 6+ 'modules' in each chapter) when navigating the TOC.

Albeit, the ability to collapse sections and content listing within the sidebar pop-out TOC menu AND also while in the main course navigation/description page. Would be nice while editing, reviewing, and being used by learners.

Katie Riggio

Nice to see you again + thanks for sharing your insight, Cass!

Our product team is always keen to hear about our customers' needs, so we really appreciate you submitting a feature request for the ability to expand/collapse sections.

Feel free to share any other thoughts you have through Ashley's link – and if you're curious, here’s how we manage feature requests!

Cass Netzley

Are there any plans to have a course/navigation setting for being able to configure whether the sections are collapsed or expanded by default when the course is first viewed?

Or should I request the enhancement? Eeeek, I sound ungrateful for this feature-- not my intent. :D