Extremely slow video uploads


For the last two days (April 23 & 24, 2020) I have been trying to upload a video approx 500Mb. I thought it might be a transient issue yesterday so I’m trying again today. The best I’ve been able to do is about 33% of it in an hour. Unfortunately the connection on the Rise end keeps terminating. 

It isn’t an issue with my end. I can upload to GDrive and Drop Box quickly. But this upload to Rise360 is just maddening. I’m going to have to tell a customer today I’ll miss my deadline. This is not good.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Buck. I'm sorry you were having a frustrating experience uploading your video. I have a couple ideas for you:

  • First, make sure your video is stored on your local C: drive and that you're uploading the file from there. 
  • Next, open Rise 360 in a private browsing session. If you're using Chrome, you can open a Chrome incognito window. This will rule out any interference from browser plugins or extensions, or from items cached in your browser history.

Let us know if that doesn't help!

Tim Rymel

Hi Crystal. I'm having the same issue. I'm updating 12 videos in a project. I can only get about three uploaded a day because it can take up to 8 hours. The max of any video is 622 Mb. I tried the above and that doesn't make any difference. I've also rebooted. Cleared cache. I have no problem downloading the videos to my c drive or uploading them anywhere else. It's just Rise. Other suggestions? 

David Stadig

I am waking up this extremely old thread, but we have the same issue. We normally use Vimeo embeds because it simplifies subtitle management and adds a central control and update abilities. But we need to use inline video for China (no vimeo service there) and it is extremely slow...

Used the tips supplied in this thread, but to no avail. It still takes a day to upload 4-5 videos and the upload sometimes fails. Is there a potential fix for this?