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Karl Muller

I have a crude workaround that provides a 50% solution.

Under the Course Navigation settings I turn on the Search function.

Then I preview the course, select Search and enter what I'm looking for.

Rise will search the course and list all locations/lessons that have a matching phrase/word, and list how many times that phrase/word occurs in each lesson. If you follow the link to each lesson, Rise will highlight each matching occurrence.

EDIT: I open the same course in a different tab in edit mode, and when I find one occurrence in Preview mode, I make the change in Edit mode.

While you still have to go back to Edit Mode and manually make the replacement edits, the ability to find occurrences and locations is what's valuable to me.

Chris Rosso


As of late, I have been opening Rise in one window in preview (so I can search) and another window to edit manually. We recently had a role change names and it took some hours to go "fix" all my content.

Something I have done is exported to SCORM, dumped the zip in a good text editor and done the find and replace that way before re-zipping and uploading to the LMS. It is brute-force, but it does work better than my lack of attention to detail.


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