Hosting our online courses

Mar 15, 2023

Hi E-Learning Heroes.

I work at a University and have been using Articulate Rise for the last two years or so. I've been creating online courses for continuous learning for the purpose of selling them as products. The university uses Canvas LMS for students but in the case of the self-paced online products, created in Articulate Rise, we would like to be able to sell the courses to companies with out losing control over the scorm files. 


The reason why Canvas does not fit for this is that we need to register each employee of each company our selves but we would like to have a separate platform for the self-paced online courses where a supervisor from the company can register their own employees.


The LMS system that would be used only for the self-paced online courses would be supervised from us and from a supervisor from each company that has bought access to the courses.

Any suggestions? :) 

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