How to create a video transcript in Rise, that can be scrolled vertically ?

Mar 16, 2021

Hello Everyone,

I have added a video and a text to a lesson in Rise,
without using Storyline.

When I preview the lesson and scroll vertically the text,
the video moves vertically as well and gets hidden eventually.

But I need that the video remains still and visible,
so that one can watch the video, while reading and scrolling the text below.

How can this issue be resolved in Rise,
without using Storyline ?

Thank you for your help,

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Xavier L

Hello Alyssa,

If I understand correctly the proposed architecture :
• Videos would be delivered by an LMS (containing a SCORM file exported from Rise).
• Transcripts would be delivered by another file server (such as Google Drive).

Then I think, that this architecture would have significant drawbacks :
• The course production procedure would be too complex.
• It would be difficult to ensure the consistency between videos and transcripts.

For the sake of simplicity and consistency,
I need to export the entire content of the course into a single SCORM file.

In an e-learning context, I think, that it is a common requirement,
to display transcripts beside videos.

Therefore, I expected, that Rise would meet this requirement out of the box.
But I now understand, that it does not currently.

Thank you very much for your previous clear and swift response,

Xavier L

Hello Alyssa,

The Google Document is indeed embedded graphically below the video.
But I understand, that the Google Document is stored in Google Drive (not in the LMS).
And this architecture has significant drawbacks, mentioned in my previous message.

I think, that “Closed Captions” is an interesting functionality.
But it does not respond to my original requirement.
I need to create a video transcript in Rise, that can be scrolled vertically.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Karen! You may need to adjust the Google document's sharing link before inserting it in Rise 360.

If your link has "/view?usp=sharing" at the end of the url, change that portion of the URL to "/preview"

For example, this public Google document link:


Please let me know if that helps you!