Knowledge Check without feedback

Mar 05, 2019

Is there a way to have a Knowledge Check block that does not display correct/incorrect ? I know the Quiz blocks can, but I need to use a Knowledge Check block for this instance.

It's more of a survey type question that Rise doesn't have a great fit for, and the client does not want the correct/incorrect feedback to display because there really isn't a correct/incorrect answer.

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Tom Oscar

This has been a pending request for over 4 years and we still have little control over the feedback.

While we can remove the words incorrect and correct the large cross still remains. also the indicators of a response correctness remain.

Also also the option to try should be optional! 

Hoping that there is some update to this aspect of RISE.


Stephen Cutler

Yes, this option is essential for any interactive training in my opinion.  You really need to be able to control the responses to questions which are reflective or which have no correct answer. The way Rise does this currently makes it look very clunky and unprofessional.

While I know it is possible to do this using storyline, it takes time to create a question template that roughly matches the usual questions in Rise - and you can't make it react to different screen sizes in the same way as native Rise questions. So, it is not a good solution.

It seems incredible that 4 years after this has been requested, there is no sign that it will ever be addressed.