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Chris Rosso

Wholeheartedly agree.

I must be honest, I've never seen a feature added based on this forum. Sad really. We've been asking for find+replace for years.

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Jennifer Miller

Is it possible to link to a lesson in a different course? 

For example, a student may have not reviewed a key concept since course 1 that was a year ago.....as I build on the key concept in subsequent courses in future, ....i wanted to just add a link to that lesson in course 1for those who may need to review.....instead of adding all that info back in to my new course because some people will not need the review and find it distracting......



Jeff Forrer

I want to add that being able to link within a course using other objects than just the buttons would be great.  For example if you want to create your own internal interaction or menu that is image based, it would be great to be able to click buttons, text, image etc. and be able to put in a link to where you want to go as currently allowed using just the Buttons or Button Stack. Thanks.