NEW IN RISE: Track course completion with a Storyline block

Mar 09, 2018

I’m excited to share the latest new feature in Rise: you can now track course completion with a Storyline block in Rise courses. It’s another great way we’ve made these two apps work together, giving you the best of both worlds: highly custom Storyline 360 interactions in responsive courses you build quickly in Rise.

This feature lets you customize how your Rise courses track completion in a learning management system (LMS). Now you can choose to track the completion of your Rise course in an LMS based on a trigger, quiz result, or number of slides viewed in your Storyline block.

Check out this quick video to see how it works:


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Clive Hands

The Question Bank would then exist within the Storyline Block and the randomize option would exist inside there - say you have 30 questions though all with very impressive graphics etc, does that not result in the Storyline Block becoming bloated and hence the Rise SCORM file becoming overly large - this is a problem here where networking bandwidth is not as expansive as in the US or Europe, so very large SCORM Rise packages become counter-productive because of their size for our student uploads, particularly off-campus....

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Clive,

Great question - so I tested it out myself! 

I created two Storyline courses each with a simple question draw. The first course had 6 questions and drew a total of 3, and the second one had 20 questions and drew a total of 10. 

I published both to Review, and then created a Rise course for each to pull in the Storyline block. I also exported both for the same LMS set up, (SCORM 2004 2nd edition, track by Storyline block). When I looked at the size of both SCORM files, they were exactly the same. 

This was a pretty small scale test, but it doesn't appear that the size of the Storyline course is impacting the overall SCORM output size. If you're seeing something different, I'd love to take a look at replicating it with your examples and settings. Can you share a bit more with us here? 

Maryanne Mills
Leslie McKerchie

Hey Heidi,

Sorry we missed this post. I assume you are referring to a 'result of results' type feature that is currently available in Storyline?

Your Rise course can track by this in your Storyline Block as well :)


Is there a tutorial on how to do this? Can you create the quizzes in Rise and the results page in Storyline? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Maryanne and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I apologize if my response to Heidi was confusing. Let me elaborate a bit.

I was referring to Storyline quizzes that were included in the Rise content in a Storyline Block. That's where this thread originated from.

Quiz questions built within Rise cannot point to a Result Slide in Storyline.

If you'd like to set up a quiz like I referenced above, here's some documentation to get you started:

1. Quiz Questions in Storyline

2. Result Slides

3. Storyline Block in Rise

I hope that helps!

Joshua Berkstresser

You will always need an LRS/LMS to track.  The SCORM or TinCan file has to have something to send the verbs to, in addition, it can't assign said "verbs" to a person, unless said person has been identified (this requires some sort of login, otherwise the reports will be tied to IP addresses which is for the most part useless).  You can always use something like xappi or SCORM Cloud if you don't have your own LMS, or create your own LMS using WordPress and LearnDash (very affordable), but you just can't track learner behavior without a database that is receiving the verbs (complete, attempted, experience, etc...)

Beth Meier

Yes, I understand that. I've been at this a while. ;) I'm just trying to concoct a way to take that data and represent it in a way the learner can use as a visual as they progress through the course. I've just started a new job using Canvas and I am going to investigate how Badgr will work with everything and see what other LTI tools are available.