New Rise account

Jan 10, 2023

Hi, I was in a different team where we had an account and a few months in we were transferred to another organization and with us we brought our old Articulate account. The old team now is getting another Articulate account. I still have some of those old team members in the account but once they get their new account, I need to remove them. If I remove them, I assume they will lose access to the Rise courses they created right? and will all their old Rise courses be available to them if they get a new account with the same email? What are the options to make sure they don't lose any of their courses? Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hello Paola! Great questions. Based on what you've described, I see one of two things happening:

  1. They get a new email for the new team. If that's the case, they can send copies of their work to the new email address. It will be a manual process for each course, but it will ensure their work is not lost after their current email becomes inactive after 6 months (for privacy, we delete content after 6 months of not belonging to an active subscription or trial).

  2. They use the same email they have now. Since they can't join until they're removed from the current team, the admin removing them can choose to "Do nothing" with their content when they're removed. This choice keeps the content attached to that current email address. Whenever they join a subscription with that same email, the content will be there on their dashboard.

Does that make sense for your situation?