Poor Video Resolution in Rise

I'm experiencing some poor video resolution in Rise. Original video files have much better resolution than when they're played back in Rise.  What frame sizes correspond to the small, medium, and full width video display options in Rise?  I'd like to render my videos to these dimensions.  Any other suggestions for improving video resolution in Rise?

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Stephanie Luckey

So will there be a workaround for the loss in quality similar to your workaround with the photos? (adding _NOPROCESS_ to the title).  I need this to stay within rise online/using the link so i can't use Alin's workaround by exporting and swapping within the zip file.

It's a bit frustrating/disappointing that this has not been solved after 3 years, and there is no warning within Rise to the loss of quality after you spend a lot of time editing and making videos look great.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear your video quality is changing when uploading to Rise 360. 

If your videos continue to have a loss in quality even after following the recommendations in this article on best practices for videos in Rise, can you please share a copy of your file so we can take a look?  You can upload it here to submit a case privately.

Chino Navarro

Hi Michelle, sorry that you are experiencing issues with the quality of your video when uploading it into Rise 360. Sure thing, please try out the steps in the best practices for videos article, and if you still need help after, feel free to submit a case here. Our support engineers are ready to help. 

Andy Houghton

From the best practice "Rise 360 compresses videos so they have smaller file sizes while maintaining quality" Doesn't Rise let you embed videos and if it does, shouldn't this be mentioned in the best practice.

In this blog we talk about the benefits and show how to embed in Storyline

Renz Sevilla

Hi Andy! Our best practices article is for recommendations of uploaded media content such as video, images, and audio. 

Rise 360 does allow you to embed video from third-party hosts, but since this isn't something that Rise 360 processes on our server nor does the learner need to upload, it isn't something that would be directly covered by that article. 

For embedding content such as videos from another site, please see this article and for Storyline embeds please see Rise 360: Use Storyline Blocks to Embed Storyline 360 Courses.