Preview Links Not Working

May 26, 2020

Hi,  Anyone having trouble with the preview links created through RISE today?  I can see the course when I use it but my coworkers can't. This is true for Chrome and IE.  Thanks 

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Mark Brown

It's a really bad set up they have. I am forever looking for my preview content. My links are not there and I have several modules loaded in preview I can't see or find, What really bugs me is If log in all the links are to products sales, but nothing of use to me as a user who has already purchased. No forum links  or link to preview to MY content , or registered products, or my activity - It's just buy me, buy me. This is  not community, just a flea market.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Mark! I'd love to help you find what you need. First, you mentioned you have "several modules loaded in preview." Did you use Rise 360 to create those modules? 

If so, go to to sign in, and you should see all of your Rise 360 courses there. Let me know if that's not what you're looking for! 

Kristoffer Kaisler

Hi there,

I'm trying to share my course with others using the preview link. When I click the link, however, it takes me to a blank page. Any suggestions?

Thank you,


Update: I tried opening the link in several different browsers (Chrome, Edge and IE) and the only one it works in is IE, which is odd because I've never had issues before with opening a preview link in Chrome.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tim! It sounds like you may have sent a Review 360 link. Viewers will be asked to log in if they leave a comment on the Review 360 content.

To be sure, would you mind sharing the link with our team here? We can double-check to be sure it's not blocking your stakeholders from viewing the content they need to see!

Erica Ward

Hello. We are experiencing the same issue where using the Share link does not work for non-articulate users in Edge or Chrome. However, it does seem to work in IE most of the time.

My training team (who has access to Rise) can view all share links regardless of browser. Was there ever a fix to this?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Erica. We didn't make any changes to the Share link functionality for Rise 360. If you are publishing your Rise 360 content to Review 360, there will be a login option at the top, and it will ask for an email if you're leaving feedback. But it isn't necessary to be an Articulate 360 user to view the content.

If you have a screenshot of what users are seeing, I'd love to help! You can share it here in your reply or connect with us privately by clicking here.

Noriko Forsting

I'm experiencing the same issue as Tim and Erica. It's a Rise SHARE link, not Review 360 link. My coworkers (not Articulate account holders) claim that the links require them to login sporadically.

When they reach out to me because the links are directing them to login, I go back to Rise and email them the SHARE link, which usually ends up working for them. I've noticed the #/ added at the end of the URL when I paste the SHARE link in the browser. I'm wondering if the #/ is directing non Articulate account holders to the login page?? 

We'd like to know how to avoid this as we utilize Rise courses during live training sessions led by non Articulate account holders.

Chino Navarro

Hi Noriko. Sorry to hear that you are also experiencing this issue. I did a couple of tests with the share link with my test course, and it worked fine. 


The only time I was asked to sign in is when I shared the Rise 360 author link.


We would love to take a closer look. Could you send us the link that you shared and prompted your coworkers to sign in?

Phoebe Sterdan

Hi everyone,

I am having a similar issue. I have the Share link from Rise 360. If someone copies and pastes the link into the Chrome URL, it works no problem. However, if you paste it into a word document, and if someone tries to open it via that, it takes them to the Articulate 360 sign in page. Any idea how to open it from a Word document?

Noriko Forsting

Hi Phoebe,

The Articulate stuff assisted with my case and concluded it's actually an issue on some versions of Microsoft Word.

Below is the information I received from the Articulate support stuff. It's a workaround, but may be helpful!

Upon further investigation, this seems to be an issue with Microsoft Word 2013, 2016, and 2019. It doesn't only affect Rise 360 links but some other links as well.

You can find the Microsoft discussion here:

As a workaround, you can use Google Docs or PDF files for your link. You may also ask the users to copy the URL instead.

Also, it seems that Office 365 is not affected by this bug. Our best option is to wait for Microsoft to release an update regarding this bug.

Christopher Santos

Hi Amy! 

If you're using the preview share link (as shown below), other viewers shouldn't be prompt log in.


If others can't view your course content without opening an account, please ask them to take a screenshot that includes their browser's URL address bar and share it with our team. We'll be here to help!

Jose Tansengco

Hello Adam, 

Happy to help!

There's been a few different issues discussed in this thread and I want to make sure that we get you the proper help that you need. Would you mind sharing details of the exact issue that you're experiencing with Rise 360's share link so we can help you troubleshoot the behavior? Feel free to include screenshots of any error messages here if you'd like!