Problem with Rise duplicating files when published

Hi All, 

I've published 5 Rise courses, 1 of which uploaded to our Cornerstone LMS fine, however the other 4 spat out 'Critical error - Unable to unzip file... file analyticsframe.html already exists'. I thought it was our LMS at first, but having checked the Zip file, there's 3 of each file in the asset folder. It's all a bit weird. 

I've tried deleting and exporting again, and still the duplicate files exist. Does any kind soul know a way round extremely irritating error without having to go in and manually delete everything?

Many thanks,


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tom. Do you have 3 Storyline blocks in your course? If so, each Storyline block relies on a group of assets. Those Storyline interactions use a generic name for some of the files, and that's why you're seeing more than one instance of the same file.

Right now, if your LMS won't accept this output, you'll need to manually delete or rename those files. We're tracking this issue, and I'll make sure we update you here if we make a change that will help.