Problem with white bars when inserting storyline block in rise.


Trying out Rise. It's great. I added a storyline block with the standard 4x3 dimensions and then a custom 800 x 570 and everytime I preview I see white bar top and bottom. I have the Menus & Controls set to off. Modern Player Style. I tried making the background transparent and then matching it with the color of the block. Nothing seems to work. 


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Crystal Horn

Hi Jenny.  Are you seeing a white border around the slide, as in, between the slide and the player in the Storyline interaction?

Or can you tell if the white is happening around the entire Storyline interaction (outside of player) in Rise?  Do you use a custom background color for the Storyline block in Rise?

We are working on an issue with white backgrounds showing up, so I want to be sure to get a proper understanding of what you're seeing.  If you can attach a screenshot, that would be great, too.  Thanks!

Katie Riggio

Really appreciate the screenshot, Jenny!

What you're seeing matches the bug Crystal mentioned where slides show a white border between the slide and the player. A current workaround for this is to use a white slide background and a white Storyline block background–fingers crossed that can work in the meantime!

I'm sure this has been frustrating, as the goal is to produce high-quality work, and the white border you're seeing is keeping you from achieving that. We're working on ways to solve this issue, and I promise to keep you in the loop with any updates!

Jenny Armanious

Hi Crystal,

I'm wondering if part of the issue is with Storyline. The background shows that it is white (#FFFFFF), but in truth it looks off-white, even in comparison to blank slides on Storyline. If that could be fixed, then the background in Rise could at least be changed to a different color. Of course, this would only work if your Storyline content is on a white background! Looking forward to when this is fixed!

Alexis MacMillan

Even with a white background, this happens (and I'm not using a Frame around the SL embedded screen. I'd like to know if there's a resolution for it by changing any settings in SL.

UPDATE: I found a weird workaround - instead of choosing a white background, I chose a gradient background from white to white and it now matches the white of the bars. This won't fix one with a border, but it looks better for full white.

UPDATE 2: After making an edit and republishing my weird workaround stopping working. Maybe I like white bars...

Crystal Horn

Hey everybody. I'm excited to let you know that we just released update 29 for Storyline 360! Here are all the details.

One of the fixes addresses an issue where a white border was showing around Storyline blocks that had a custom background color in Rise 360.

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360. After updating Storyline, please republish your Storyline interaction for Review 360 and insert the new version into Rise 360. Let me know how you make out!

Mish Allan

Hi Alyssa,

Do you have any updates on this error?

I've been finding that my files have been displaying in Rise inconsistently lately. Some have thick white lines, others thinner white lines and some have no white lines, even though the Storyline files all use the same 'story size' dimensions and publish settings.



Lauren Connelly

Hi everyone!

I'm here to report good news!🗞

Our newest update ( Update 32, build 3.32.20313.0) for Storyline 360 launched today!

You'll see all the fixes in the updated release notes. This update includes a fix for an issue in Rise 360 where a white border would appear around Storyline blocks with custom background colors.

Make sure to update Articulate 360 to get all the fixes!

Optimum Learning Technologies

Hi Crystal and Lauren,

I hope it's OK to revive this thread. I understand that it should be possible to have absolutely no player frame, but perhaps I am mistaken on this. We are using a light grey background, which obviously clashes with a white border when you are going for the full-width look. 

We have been struggling with the issue described above on all devices that have the latest version of Storyline 360. However, those that have a slightly outdated version do not.

Could you advise on what we are missing? I am adding images of the issue.

We have tried every variation of player settings possible short of going with a white background, which we would like to avoid if possible.