Remove course cover page?

May 21, 2019

Is there a way to remove the cover page altogether?  I'm referring to the first page you see with the Start Course button, Details link, and content areas listed below.  When my learner clicks to view the course, I want it to open directly to the first lesson.  

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Julie Braly

I just bought a membership with the purpose of building a course in articulate and then importing it into Thinkific. Not being able to remove the cover page is a real issue and is making it unusable for our purposes. Is there any update on when this feature might be added? I feel like we wasted $$$ signing up for a membership and will have to just build it in Thinkific which won't look nearly as good!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Julie! I'd love to hear more about your needs. While there isn't a way to remove the course cover page right now, can you tell me more about why that makes Rise 360 unusable for your team?

If Articulate 360 isn't a good fit, we're happy to talk about ways we can help. Please reach out to us at

Josh Massey

I figured out a way around this that works for us -- hoping that Articulate doesn't change it though. 

We use Google Cloud to host our courses - and then call on them from Thinkific or Teachable, primarily.

On the hosted page (not preview), click the "Let's Begin" button, and copy the link address of the launched page.

Then, use THAT link as your content URL in your LMS. 

It skips the landing page and gives our students direct access to the content. 


Hope this helps some others solve this problem.