Rise Bullet Points in Flash Cards

Nov 23, 2018

Hi There,

I am having constant trouble with the formatting of bullet points in Flash Cards. For some reason, it doesn't matter what font size I select, the bullet points will randomly change to any size. If i have 2 flip cards next to each other with the same font size in each, why are the bullet points different sizes?

Is there any way that this could be fixed. I have tried everything from retyping the text, to deleting the block and re-adding it. I have even pasted the text in Word as plain text and copied it back over to Rise - yet still there is inconsistencies with bullet point sizes.

Thank You

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Jarred,

I'm sorry to hear you're frustrated with how Rise is handling font sizes in Flash Cards.

Basically, how it works is that Rise automatically adapts the font size based on the amount of text present. The more text there is, the smaller the font size. However, you can manually control the font size by selecting it when you're in the Edit screen and then choosing the font size you want to appear.

I hope that makes sense! If not just let me know. :)

Phil Foss

I have a solution that is related to my previous video about how to change bullet colors, the incorrect sizing of these bullets in flash cards is closely related. It requires using your debug tool in your browser, I recommend using either Chrome or Firefox. I put both examples in this video, and added a sweet ambient song. Sincerely, Phil (Bullet Boy)

Connie Leurck

Phil - you are officially my hero of the day, week, month...and maybe beyond!  Thank you so much for this video. Seriously, you can't imagine the time I've spent trying to fix or work around  this - and all were fails. Much gratitude for your time and talent in figuring this out AND providing a video to walk us through it.  : )