Rise Course Dont provide Scoring in LMS

Feb 09, 2023


Recently, We have created two courses that are more of an information course setup, without any final quiz. In Rise, we had just set up a completion score of 100 %, that they must go threw the whole training

Our LMS (Talentsoft) in order to mark a learner as complete want's a percentage/score. In RISE if you mark course complete without a quiz. RISE does not send any score.

When we go to upload the export file (SCORM 1.4 or 2004) into our LMS (Talentsoft), it does not give us the ability to add a passing score, essentially telling us that the LMS cannot "read" the score from the Scormfile? Has anyone else had this issue? 

Is there a way to hack the SCORM file to push score?



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Kelly Auner

Hi Mikael, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community!

I'm sorry to hear you're running into this issue, but I see you've connected with my teammate, Robert, to help troubleshoot. That was a great call! If you need further assistance on your project, please let us know in your support case and we'll be happy to help!


Bonjour, je rencontre la même problématique. Je souhaite que le tracking ne soit que sur la complétude du module et non sur un score lié à un quiz. Or dans Talentsoft, l'état est bien validé mais le % est à 0. Comment faire pour transformer ce chiffre en 100% dès que le module est terminé ? Merci. 

Jose Tansengco

Hello Gaëlle TENAILLEAU,

Thanks for reaching out!

I wanted to share the solution that was provided to Mikael since your situation is similar to his.

If you track a Rise 360 course using course completion, since there’s nothing to score there, the expected behavior is for the course to only pass completion data when the user reaches the percentage you have set up.

As a workaround, you can create a Storyline course with a graded Yes/No question > add a Results Slide for that question > track the Storyline 360 course using the results slide > publish the course to Review 360 then embed it on your Rise 360 course as a Storyline block.

When you’re ready to publish the Rise 360 course, choose the option to “Track using Storyline block” instead. This will report a quiz score depending on what the user has answered on the Yes/No question. If they answer Yes, then they’ll automatically get a 100% score. Answering No will give them 0%.

I've attached a sample project file for your reference. 

Hope this helps!