Rise: Embedded video (in Accordion and Tabs) failing to load.

We are experiencing sporadic issues with embedding videos not loading within Accordions and Tabs, using iframe embed codes. When the course loads, the learner will see a grey box where the video should belong. Using Chrome, if you right click on this gray box and click "Reload Frame", the video will then load. 

This happens in both the Accordion and Tabs elements. It is most often duplicated in the Tabs element with Tab 1 loading fine, and additional tabs not loading. 

My tech guy hypothesized that there may have been a "stop code" which prevents the video from auto-playing. 


Browsers: This is experienced on both Chrome and IE

Video Walkthrough of Issue: Click Here (note that the issue with tabs was not discussed)

Course Share Link: Click Here

Embed Code Used: <iframe src="https://mfrm.mediaplatform.com/embedinteractive?assetId=300&autoPlay=false&allowComments=false&allowRatings=false&hideTrans=true&showTitleDescription=false&wmode=transparent" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Cory Warshawsky

I received an email from the Articulate Team this morning about a fix implemented with Storyline2 that sounds like it might relate to the Rise issues we are running into. I'm sure your team is aware, but here is a copy of the body of that email for reference. 

Recently, some commonly used browsers, including Chrome and Safari, started blocking autoplay of audio and video content on websites. Chrome has temporarily rolled back this change for audio, but it will be made permanent in October. These changes impact audio and video in e-learning courses created in Storyline.

With the latest Storyline 2 update, learners using Chrome 66+ or Safari 11 will see a play button when they launch or resume a course with a video on the first slide. Videos on other slides should autoplay as expected.

You’ll need to install the latest update and republish your courses to ensure that learners can play video content across browsers. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cory,

Thanks for sharing that here. With the changes to media autoplay rules that were implemented in Chrome and Safari, our team pushed out a fix for Storyline 2 and wanted to make sure all course authors were aware via email.

The issue you're having with the Rise videos is a bit different as the playback is inconsistent and doesn't seem attributed to the media policies of the browsers. Not to worry, our team is still taking a look! 

ISU eLearning


Any update on this? I'm going a little bonkers! I have a series of videos on YouTube (own channel, videos unlisted) that I've embedded so that my SCORM pkg isn't huge! I had them uploaded to the rise file before and it didn't work sizewise. Now I'm getting random videos that won't play and just say content is unavailable. All the videos have the same settings, same parameters etc. 

I thought maybe it was an auto-play function so took that out of the iframe code as well but nothing I do seems to work! 

help! (hehe thanks!)

Allison LaMotte

Hi there, 

It looks like we have logged this issue as a bug on our end. I'll be sure to share any updates with you here. In the meantime, you may want to link out to your videos instead of embedding them or embed them directly in an embed block instead of in an accordion or tab block.

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Amy Lee

Hello, I'm having the same issues with iframe codes not loading in tabs and accordion. But in this instance these are H5P embed codes. 

H5P engineers "suspect that the Accordion or Tabs functionality that Articulate Rise uses is initially displaying the H5P in a hidden part of the page before showing it to the user. This means that the H5P has no size as it is initialized and it won't display until a resize event occurs for its iframe.

If they are dynamically hiding and displaying content on their page without triggering these events the H5P will not know when to display and won't work inside their solution.

There are only two good solutions to this: Either they must trigger the resize event when displaying the content, or they must avoid loading the iframe until the content is displayed."