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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lionel,

Any and all questions are welcome - and if staff can't assist (or don't know) the community often chimes in with the answer! 

As far what you can gather from Google Analytics, it seems there are a lot of options! It's well outside my area of expertise or support, but a quick glance at the features list has a number of different data points you could look at gathering. 

Lisa Whalen

Can you add Google Analytics event tracking in Rise?  In Storyline, I use event tracking for buttons to show us how the user is interacting with the module.  Our LMS does not provide this type of information; therefore, I have gotten creative with Google Analytics and Javascript triggers in Storyline.

I have a project that would be great to build and allows for easy reproduction for a series in Rise, but I need to have even tracking to see how our users are working with the content.




I am new to Articulate Rise. I have created a sample contents in Articulate Rise and here is the URL:


Could you please let me know how to track the users accessing this URL?

Please note that I just want to share this type of URL with users (don't want to export content) for providing them access to contents and want to track the users accessing the URL.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes Community! 

The Share link from Rise is designed for light sharing of the content, and if you'd like to track who is accessing your course and how often I'd recommend looking into a  Learning Management System (LMS). That'll provide you with the most options and accurate data about whose viewing your course. 

If you're not interesting in using an LMS and are looking to rely on Google Analytics, you may want to see what you can add to your existing website and host the Rise content there using the exported No LMS - Web only files (described here). 

If you still need help adding Google Analytics to your web site or the Share link, I'm hopeful someone in the community can help - it's well outside my area of expertise! 

Pete German

Hi Ashley - could you please ask David to respond to the comments above as it seems that there is a lot of demand to be able to track more than page visits using Google Analytics. This reflects the way we're moving away from the LMS to provide a better learner experience.

I really like Rise but need this information for management reporting so might have to look at what other providers offer if Articulate aren't even looking to do anything to support this. 

Thank you, Pete

Lisa Whalen


Where I work, we do use an LMS; however, the reporting is always limited on an LMS.  I use Google Analytics to track interactivity within the module.  LMS reports show who watched, when and how many times, as well as quiz results.  It does not tell us usability data like how the user interacted with the module, navigation (particularly custom navigation), which buttons they clicked for more information (like resources or links to other courses, websites, documents, etc.).  There is a great need for additional tracking to learn more about our users in the digital world, including within elearning modules.  I also use Storyline to create tools, which makes the analytics even more important.

Pete German

Hi David - the problem is that further down the page Akash says that he tried to implement the analytics but we need the support of Articulate because when you made an update suddenly it stopped working. It really does seem like this is an issue for many of your users so would be great to hear how you're going to help us :) Thanks!

Lisa Whalen

Hi Pete - sorry for the delay in responding.  I have been swamped with year end analytical reports.  I track interactivity within Storyline modules using Google Analytics events.  I put simple javascript code on buttons, links, resources, anything I need to track.  This is great for looking at usability of tools and modules and serious games.  Instructional designers put a great deal of time and work into creating online learning and tools, but the only way to see how the users are actually interacting with them is to track the events, unless you are with them watching them every time they use the tool or module. 

I also use Google Data Studio to create dashboards that are always up to date with the analytics reports.  This is also very useful for figuring out what to update based on usability results and activities. 

Most, but not all LMS's track quiz question results.  Our old custom LMS did not.  Therefore, I used Google event tracking for the quiz questions, so we could see how many were correct vs incorrect.  If most are incorrect, we go back and look at the wording of the question and the content pertaining to those questions.  You can send surveys asking your users about a module, game or tool, but IF they respond, it is only based on what they remember at the time.  Tracking real time shows you so much more!

Google event tracking can also show geography if you have a global audience, as well as what devices the content is accessed on.  I could probably write forever on things you could track, measure and recommend based on the analytics!