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Niescha Farris

Has anyone been able to do tracking in Rise 360? I was able to use the code David showed years ago but I was only able to see when a user opened the course. I tried adding Google Tag Manager and that took away my ability to see when someone opened the course. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but would love some help with ways to track clicks, time on lessons etc. in Rise. 


Hi everyone,

I am digging out this topic.

We are looking to collect basic statistics with the Riso 360 solution exported in html to be hosted on our website with Google Analytics or At Internet : visits, visitor, view page and number of click on a "Download button" or "Start quizz" button.

Can anyone share a tutorial or give me some insight ?


Have a great day,


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I have found that Microsoft Clarity is a more powerful UX tool compared to Google Analytics, especially for my online courses. Similar to Google Analytics, it also installs with a code snippet in the website header and has provided many valuable insights into my website's portfolio and resume assessments. However, I have not been able to make it work with an LMS that has been exported as an LMS package, which could be due to various reasons. I suspect that it is the LMS itself that is rejecting the modified LMS output.