rise360 tigger events to tin Can Api

Oct 13, 2020

i'm new with rise 360 online solution,
i exported my first course to XAPI, and i have an LRS working normally
Actually when i add simple code like that at my ts-config.js

var tincan = new TinCan({
recordStores: [{
endpoint: ' https://lrs.XXXXXX/api',
username: '37200953-11d9-XXXXXX',
password: '2d288b44-6461-XXXXX',

actor: {
mbox: "mailto:dsdsa@tincanapi.com"
verb: {
id: "http://id.tincanapi.com/verb/viewed"
object: {
id: "http://MYDOMAIN.COM//#/lessons/kzl9cP03r_3Ctd62nUT4Kd"

it automaticly send the statment to my LRS, without waiting to arrive at the link : http://MYDOMAIN.COM//#/lessons/kzl9cP03r_3Ctd62nUT4Kd

how can i trigger this only on the appropriate event 

and also, if there is any way to get the event for a quiz progression 
Thank you


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