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Dec 06, 2017

We are working with a large corporation that hosts the rise modules on their internal LMS system. 

Here is an example of one of the assets we created.

With some hacks we have been able to add "share this" functionality to the site. We want our users to share what they have learned with the outside world. Part of this would be creating "Teasers" of the rise modules that would sit on the open web, for anybody to view. These teasers would then direct them to the portal where they can signup and pay for the course etc.

Here is an example of our "teaser"

I want to use the mapping tool option as an item someone could share. HOWEVER. I don't think in this use case we need to have them "Continue" or "Start Course" - I really just want them to come directly to the first lesson. 

So that it's the first thing they view. Is something like that possible, has anybody come across a hack that would accomplish this?


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Rich Llewellyn

Hoping beyond hope for this too.  The work done by others is great - thank you - but really should be unnecessary.  In our business we use other tools for building courses, but my team prefer Rise for most things, but having to use workarounds is really pushing me to go back to the other tools.  I don't want a ridiculous amount of customisation in Rise (I get that it wasn't designed for that), but toggling a landing page on or off isn't too much is it?

Bill Dane

I just had a chat session with Articulate. Here's how it went:

Me: Myself and countless others have been begging, pleading, yearning for someone at Articulate to hear our cries for a seemingly simple upgrade to allow us to develop Rise content without the Start screen.

Ronaziel (person at Articulate): This feature request is logged and reported to our team, Bill.
We are also aware that it's one of the most requested feature in Rise 360.

Me: There has been a thread on the Articulate Community forum,, and has been commented on by so many people, yet no one at Articulate seems to be listening or commenting.

Ronaziel: I'm sorry I can't give an ETA when this will be available in Rise, but we'll update you once we have news for this. We'll also update our feature roadmap here once this is accepted and in development:

Me: I'm sorry for sounding pessimistic, but I'm not getting any warm/fuzzy feelings of assurance that you all really pay any attention to the forum.

Ronaziel: I’m sorry you feel that way, Bill. And thank you for sharing your voice with us. I can assure you that our team is aware of this request. We just need to make sure we evaluate new features thoroughly alongside the bug fixes so as not to put other features at risk.

Me: Can you give me any idea of the size of the "development team" for Rise? One guy, three, dozens?

Ronaziel: I'm sorry I can't disclose the information you're asking.

Me: Not surprising.

Me: It would be really great if Articulate could assign specific people to monitor the forums and actually reply/communicate with your customers more frequently than you currently do. We feel like a cluster of unheard/unappreciated masses.

Ronaziel: We have specific people monitoring our ELH forum, Bill. We’ll follow up on this with our team, and rest assured that we’ll share with you the new updates for this request.

Me: BTW, the last time someone there commented on this thread was 2 years ago and said the same thing you told me today, "Thanks, Taylor and everyone, for adding your voices. We'll post an update here if we change the launch page options for Rise 360 courses."

Ronaziel: Sorry that I can’t give more updates on this, but I'll advocate on your behalf, and I'll share any updates with you as soon as I can.

Me: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Cass Netzley

Thank you for enduring that canned response routine and relaying how most of us (if not all) feel in this thread/Rise community.

I've been using Articulate 360 and Rise since it was initially launched as a beta offering to select customers. It seemed so promising back then, and about two years later it hit quite the proverbial wall in terms of R&D love and transparency from their team.

I understand from a SaaS software perspective that they don't want to be tied to any exact timeline to launch a feature, but it also seems like they've been working on soft-skill, canned course/character option, accessibility features for the last couple of years. They sprinkled the quiz bank in there too. BUT there's such a large list of long established threads with huge quality of life/impact features in the forums here... they've got quite the playbook of low hanging requests to turn around the reputation they're rightfully earning.

Please Articulate, more honest, helpful, and insightful transparency! Less C&P of "we're evaluating, we'll provide updates as they come, etc" . You had more insightful community managers years ago, but I think internal policy over there shifted and forced employee engagement with customers to become a scripted affair, lacking details (if any) aside from regurgitating what can already be found on our own from the release/coming soon pages.

Dorrien Venables

It looks like the new Microlearning feature has just been released last week.

Otherwise one may need to continue with the workaround mentioned earlier in this thread, also summarized here:

  • Unzip the exported course. 
  • In the scormcontent folder, open index.html in your browser. 
  • Navigate to the page you want to launch as the start page.
  • Copy the URL after "index.html#", for example the part highlighted in bold:   file:///C:/Users/User/Documents/TrainingPackage/scormcontent/index.html#/lessons/-abcdefghijklmnops?_k=xyzmp30
  • You can now close the index.html tab in your browser.
  • Go back to the unzipped course root folder. In the scormdriver folder, open indexAPI.html with Notepad or TextEdit. 
  • Note: If TextEdit does not work, please use Sublime Text
  • Scroll down to the section which states //Put the link to the start of the content here.
  • in the string: strContentLocation = "../scormcontent/index.html#/preview"; replace preview with the copied URL. For example strContentLocation = "../scormcontent/index.html#/lessons/-abcdefghijklmnops?_k=xyzmp30";
  • Close and save the indexAPI.html file.
  • Go back to the unzipped course root folder, rezip the folder contents and upload to the LMS. 
Alyssa Gomez

Hi everyone, jumping in here to give a bit more information from the Articulate perspective.

I acknowledge that two years without a response on this topic from Articulate is a long time. Our goal is to share helpful information and updates as we have them. We never want you to feel that you’re being ignored, and I’m sorry we haven’t had any new updates to share on this feature in a while.

We've been monitoring this thread and others requesting the ability to remove the cover page from a course. Though we may not always reply, we consider each person’s feedback and input as we measure the growing impact of feature requests.

For those of you who need to get focused content in your learners’ hands faster, be sure to check out Microlearning. Microlearning doesn’t include the formal elements of a cover page, like a course description or course outline. Learners can simply start scrolling to get right into the content. If you have more questions about Microlearning, don’t miss our answers to six common questions here.

Rest assured we’re still tracking your requests for the ability to completely remove the course cover page. We want to be as transparent as we can be, so we will share updates on that feature as we get new information.