Solution: Storyline block for text input and save to cmi.interactions (SCORM 1.2)

For anybody interested, I have developed a SCORM 1.2 Storyline block that can be used to collect input from a user on an LMS. The block can also be configured as a mandatory completion.

It is fairly simple to configure and publish to Review 360 for inclusion in your Rise 360 project.

There are a couple of configuration options:

id: Define the ID of the activity, e.g a question text. This is used for the and can be used to identify the question/response in the LMS report

charactercount: How many characters the user should enter before the Submit button is enabled. 

Unfortunately with it being a Storyline block, we cannot overcome the "Play button" requirement for mobile devices.

We made the decision to make the activity large, so that when it is scaled it is still legible on mobile devices.

Demonstration in the attached video.

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