Undo option?

Mar 28, 2017

I don't know if I missed it, but if there isn't one already, Rise really needs an "undo" option. I just accidentally deleted text from a course I was reviewing and it took forever to find the original text to restore it. A simple undo option would have saved a lot of time. 

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Ananth,

If you delete an entire lesson or a block item, you'll see an Undo button appear in the lower left corner of the screen for a few seconds. Unfortunately, after the button disappears there's no way to get that content back. If you've lost a lot of content, you could try reaching out to our support team to see if they can help you recover it. You can submit a case here.

I hope that helps! We'll keep you posted here if we add more functionality to the Undo feature in the future.

Ananth Sankaran

Thanks Allison, the reply is quite helpful to understand how it works. It would be good if the "undo button" period is quite longer (currently its <5 sec I guess). Something like a persistent Undo at least to recall past 3-5 actions would be desirable.

For now, I recreated the section but some enhancement to the undo functionality will be well received widely among users for sure.

Best Regards


Lori Salmonsen

Help! I just deleted a block of text that had glossary definitions in it. I read through all of the comments in this thread about not having an Undo (or one that actually works the way it should). 

Is there anything I can do to get the block of text back so that I don't have to create it again? It was an Accordion block with many glossary terms and their definitions.

I had also asked previously about a way to back up the Rise courses, so that I would have the content in case something like this happened.

Please advise. This makes me not want to use Rise for anything other than a very short one or two page document.

Paul Urwin

WOW.  I cannot believe there is not an undo function.  I was searching for a bit of text and instead of "Control F" I over-wrote the entire block of text with "F" and cannot seem to get it back.  This is bonkers that an online editing tool does not have a version history and an "undo" option.  What a headache

Edward Hoke

Leonie - thank you for your suggestion. I believe this is discussed previously in the thread. Its the Block level that if you delete on accident, you're screwed. Pffft...

So there are things really great about the rapid development Rise has, but there are still myriad issues that make it (at this point) a grand step better than Power Point.

Paul Urwin

CTR Z only works if you're still in that window.  Rise with it's auto-save makes it very easy to navigate away from the window.  I didn't even notice I had over-written a large block of text until too late. 

For anyone else searching this thread for hope - I was able to find the deleted text in "review".  If you publish to review, that content remains as-is, regardless of changes made in Rise (until you publish to review again).  Further, publishing to Review gives one the option to overwrite the previously published version (or save a new one). 

I think Rise should have "some" level of version history/control that allows "undo" or "roll back" but in the meantime, publishing to Review and saving with a date/version can be a possible workaround.  I'm sure glad that I had published to review and was able to find the deleted content, including formatting, in Articulate Review.