This is a fun idea for a different way to use the Media Tour interaction: customize the background photo and show a step-by-step process. See it in action: Media Tour: Custom Image Process ('13)

What's included?

You get a custom-sized PowerPoint file which has the computer monitor background, so you can easily add your text or screenshots over top of the monitor image, then save the PPT file as an image, and insert it into the media tour interaction.

How do I use it? 

  • Open the PowerPoint file 
  • Add your text, screenshots or images on top of the monitor background image.
    You don't need to resize your graphic because the PowerPoint slide size is already the correct size for the template included in the download files)
  • Go to File > Save As and select an image format such as .png or .jpg
  • Save each step in the process as a different image
  • Open the interaction file and update the image for every step of the media tour.

 Ta-da! A simple and fun way to customize the media tour with custom images!