With 2021 on the horizon, it can only mean one thing: predictions for what the new year will bring! While I’m sure many of us are gladly counting down the days until we can close the book on 2020, I’ve also been looking ahead to see what e-learning design trends we’ll see more of soon.

2021 will bring us trends like: 

  • Muted Colors 
  • Geometric Shapes 
  • Nature-Inspired Design 
  • Familiar Fonts 
  • Simplified Data Visualizations 
  • Inclusive Design (think imagery, language, UI, and UX)
  • Democratized E-Learning (think content collaboration and delivery) 

Design Trends Preview

As you explore these trends, you might start to sense themes of tranquility, simplicity, and clarity—no surprise here when you consider the roller coaster that was 2020! 

Explore this project to see these trends in action

I created this PowerPoint template using Content Library 360 imagery and the free Google sans serif fonts Raleway (headings) and Open Sans (body text). 

Are there any trends you think we’ll see more of in 2021? Comment below and feel free to customize this PowerPoint template with your own predictions! 

Madison McCartney
Anita Rajan
Madison McCartney