No matter how intuitive you think your course navigation is, there will inevitably be a few learners who just don’t get it. You don’t want their first experience with your course to be a bad one, do you? Of course not!

So how can you ensure a good start? Many popular apps, like Pinterest and Slack, give their users the option to take a guided tour when they sign in for the first time or when new features are released. Why not do the same thing at the beginning of your e-learning course? That way, those who feel comfortable with the course navigation can skip straight to the course content, and those who are feeling a little unsure about how everything works are guided through the interface step by step.

Click here to see this project in action.

In addition to the guided tour slides, I threw in four easy-to-adapt slide layouts—just for fun! If you’re a fan of the heading font I used, download it here for the complete look: AbeatbyKai.