This only works in Articulate Presenter '09.

This unique custom player was built by Tony Lowe of Webducate, a company which creates custom Articulate skins and also teaches aspiring Articulate skin developers how to make their own. The Reflection skin incorporates a reflection of each slide in the lower portion of the player. Keep in mind that the reflection only reflects items you add to your slide. A plain white slide won't have a reflection unless you change its background color to white or draw a white rectangle onto it to act as the background.

  • See this player in action here
  • After you unzip the download, just double-click the .artpkg file to install the player. When you're ready to publish your presentation, click Publish on the Articulate menu, and choose the player from the Player Templates field on the Publish window.
  • If you have questions about this skin or how to use it, feel free to contact Tony directly.