The files in this download will help you leverage your PowerPoint slide master as the image for your Engage Labeled Graphic. The download includes a grid to help with positioning your Labeled Graphic markers, and a 1x1-pixel image to use as the image in your Labeled Graphic. It also includes a sample Labeled Graphic interaction, with the 1x1-pixel image inserted, and a transparent color scheme applied. Find out more about how to use these items in this blog post.

Michael Fimian

Hmmm... Hadn't thought of this for a month... I wonder if it's be easier to use by putting the background graphic in PPT, then placing this overlay on top;  choose transparent to make the white disappear, so you could see through it (or perhaps turn the transparency up as well.  You could place all the objects ion the PPT slide, take a screen shot with SnagIt so you'd see right where the objects are or should be.  Take the SnagIt screen shot into Engage Label, set the interactions exactly where you want over the picture, then swap out the matrix pic with the regular pic.  Delete the background pics in PPT, and place the Engage interaction... Sounds complicated, but it could go faster than not having to do the "nudge" technique before the final publication out of Engage, I'll have to ... Expand