When designing a narrated video, it’s not uncommon for the idea of on-screen text to come up. Stakeholders may prefer having the full script on-screen, so no details are lost. But that’s not the most engaging experience for learners—and it could even lead to cognitive overload! On the other hand, creating a fully animated video with no text at all can grab your audience’s attention, but might be out of scope from a time, budget, or skill perspective. Both extremes have their own unique challenges!

But not to worry—the video examples in this Rise 360 course make it easier to see the strengths and drawbacks of each method. This course includes five different videos—each with the exact same narration—that all use a different approach to on-screen text and animation. Check out this project to inspire your own ideas or share it with your stakeholders to help them quickly see the differences between a variety of narrated video styles.

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