I’ve been wanting to create an interactive infographic for awhile, but wasn’t sure where to start. Then it came to me: what if I used Rise 360 and integrated some Storyline blocks? And that’s how this space travel-themed example was born.

The gifs, labeled graphics, and Storyline interactions really make this infographic come to life.

I hope this example inspires you to create your own interactive infographics with Rise 360 and Storyline!

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Craig Snelling
Laura Hawk

Hi Andrew! I'm the motion designer who's been working with Allison to bring these illustrations to life! Your question about how we get these animations has been a common one, and I always wonder how to tell people without overwhelming them about the software I use (Adobe After Effects). Because it's a pretty "from scratch" type of thing. But I was thinking today about some great resources out there for After Effects templates that are pretty easy to use. Videohive.net is a great place to get After Effects Animated assets that have most of the work done for you. I just found this set of 40 animated business icons https://videohive.net/item/animated-icons/22531764?s_rank=6 You could render out some of those and use them all over a Rise course. I think though this sounds like maybe I ... Expand

Mikki Ashton
Mikki Ashton
Christine Hounsham
John Beaudoin