Irina Poloubessov

Dear Amar, Thank you very much for replying! I was confused with the red dotted line, which connects your clickable point (+) and the data layer, when user clicks to find out about an organ, and a data layer animation starts. When a user clicks on (+) point, to open a data layer with explanation, there is a great animation of red dotted line, which is drawn on the screen gradually, as if something slides over and unmasks it. I was wondering , how could you implement it with Wipe transition: Suppose, I have a dotted line and I want to reveal it gradually. I imagine placing a white object on top of it (kind of a mask) and then when animation starts, this object slides away with Wipe. But - then this obstructing object would still be visible above all layers? I And in your case, i... Expand

Amar Kulshreshtha